• Customer Service

    „Even if our reliable machines, equipment, parts and components are being used by you already, we are and will always be there for as your contact, both abroad and inland.“

    Our customer-specific service at S+K Sicko GmbH guarantees you quick contact with our experts, who are competent in advising you and will help immediately in emergencies..

    We offer short response times via fast service!

    Our advantages in brief:

    • Optimal training for your operating personnel, also onsite
    • Speedy maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Fast spare parts and wearing parts service
    • Careful assembly, so that your investment pays for itself as fast as possible
    • Equipment and machine modernisation


    Our spare part and wearing part service

    S+K Sicko GmbH supplies you with spare and wearing parts in Germany and worldwide. Thanks to our flexible firm structure it is possible for us to deal with your enquiries particularly fast so that your outage costs are nil or kept to a minimum.

    In order to quickly and clearly identify a spare part, please have the following details ready:


    • Type of machine/equipment
    • Year of construction and machine number
    • Manufacturer (if not us) parts or article no.
    • Serial number
    • Other available data such as pictures, drawings or sketches

    Instruction and training

    We attach great importance to the optimal training of your operating personnel. Our practice-oriented instruction is carried out by technicians trained in theory and practice, entirely at your option, either in or factory or inland and abroad onsite.

    This brings the following advantages:


    • Short training periods
    • Avoidance of operating errors
    • Most optimal equipment control
    • High quality within a short time
    • Greatest efficiency of your equipment in the fastest time possible
    • We show you what you can get from our equipment